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Shipment of bNO samples to core lab: tips & tricks

Dear Partners,

Our Expert in HbNO would like to provide some advices before the shipment of your first samples.

As reminder, the HbNO samples must be shipped to the core lab and should be addressed to:

Irina Lobysheva


Avenue Mounier 52, bte 01.53.09

B-1200 Bruxelles


Tél. 32 (02) 7645288

Fax. 32 (02) 7645269

While preparing the samples, please make sure that samples are completely immerged in the dry ice (a shipment on dry ice is compulsory for guaranteeing the stability of the samples) and the shipment is performed on a monday.

Could you also warn us when you make the shipment and communicate the tracking number please?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.


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