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Some advices before start...

Please allow me to provide some advices based on our experience in order to start in the best possible conditions :

  • EndoPAT: make sure you registered the software as decribed in the part “heart rate variability” otherwise the HRV will not be recorded in the data file. For being able to calculate heart rate variability, a 6 minutes baseline is necessary.

  • HbNO assay: make sure you have liquid nitrogen or a -80°c freezer around so you can reduce the contact of the samples with O2.

  • Blood sampling: please read the instructions before. If you meet trouble managing the aliquots, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • MRI: please make sure that Prof. Piechnik's comments on 2nd dummy run can be implemented in your next run. If you need guidance, feel free to contact him or his team Masliza Mahmod (UOXF) or Luca Biasiolli

Good luck to all ! Feel free to contact me if you need help :)

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