List of QT prolonging drugs

Dear Partners,

Some of you wonder which drugs should be considered for prolonging the QT.

Prof. Balligand validated the following:

  • amiodarone, cibenzoline, disopyramide, flécaïnide, quinidine, sotalol

  • dompéridone

  • ondansétron

  • méthadone

  • dropéridol, halopéridol, pimozide, sulpiride, sertindol

  • citalopram, escitalopram

  • rétigabine

  • donépézil

  • érythromycine, azithromycine, clarithromycine, télithromycine

  • ciprofloxacine, lévofloxacine, moxifloxacine

  • bédaquiline

  • fluconazole

  • chloroquine, artéméther + luméfantrine, arténimol + pipéraquine

  • pentamidine

  • télaprévir

  • hydroxyzine

  • bosutinib, dabrafénib, crizotinib, vandétanib, vémurafénib

  • anagrélide, arsenic trioxyde

  • propofol

All benzodiazepins are OK

In case you would like to consider other drugs, please feel free to comment or

contact me.

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