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Quality check on blood samples (FPFV)

Dear Partners,

In order to check the quality of the blood samples and the baseline values of the biomarkers, could you send to Damien Gruson (core lab responsible "biomarkers") your first sampling e.a. the 6 secondary tubes + the syringe for HbNO measurement please?

Practically, after the first visit (baseline) of your first patient, freeze the blood samples in the secondary tubes for 48h and then ship the pack on dry ice to Damien Gruson respecting the following instructions for the label:

  • Sender: name, address and telephone number

  • Recipient : Damien Gruson; Tour Franklin -2 ; Avenue Mounier, 10F ; 1200 Brussels; Belgium; Tel: 0032-2-7646747

  • Sticker:

Many thanks in advance for your collaboration.


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