Manuals and a provisory protocol are available

Dear all,

I created a specific folder in the cloud for the protocol and manuals for the different measurements that will be performed in the Beta3_LVH project.

Please note that the draft of the protocol (draft 1) is not the working version that will need to be reviewed for the steering committee meeting at the end of this month. Indeed, the working version will integrate in the text the comments that we, as sponsor, made to it, and so will be cleaner. However, many of you asked me to have a sneak preview of the protocol for administrative reasons (contract, budget, insurance). So, in order to be transparent, I make it available for everybody.

UNI-Leipzig is presently working on a working version (draft 2) that will be available beginning of next week for comments to escalate to the steering committee meeting scheduled on 28 september.

The manuals stored in the cloud have been pre-reviewed by us. So, you can start reviewing them and your comments will be discussed during the next meeting. The last manuals will be available soon.

The agenda of the meeting and teleconference details will follow.

Please comment this post if this is unclear...

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