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Check out our strategy to prevent heart failure



Hello, I am Prof. Jean-Luc Balligand and I welcome you on the official site of the Beta3_LVH project!


Here you can get learn:

  • What is the project

  • Who and where are our partners 

  • What is the disease we want to heal

  • How you can join us

  • What are the results of the clinical trial


Have a nice browse and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

Our project


The objective of this project is to prevent patients having a structural heart remodelling and therefore at risk, to develop a heart failure. Twelve partners in eight european countries participate to the Beta3_LVH project.


The project is a clinical trial with an already marketed drug, known to be effective in bladder disorders, that will be administered to patients in a new indication.


The patients suffering from a structural and functional defect of the left ventricle are targeted. Their cardiac hypertrophy and left ventricle function will be monitored through the whole study to assess the possible benefit of the tested medication. 


In addition, the effect of the drug will be also measured on endothelial function and on the abundance/activity of beige/brown fat. Indeed, the medication can also have an influence on the endothelium which could have a positive effect on the cardiac remodelling and on the beige/brown fat that may influence peripheral and cardiac metabolism.

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